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Digital signatures: the process explained

By Sebastian Ritscher

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Digital signatures: the process explained

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In general terms


  1. The initiator uploads the final document to an online e-signing service such as Docusign, or Adobe, or Scrive.
  2. The initiator sets up a list of recipients and assigns a role to each one of them. The roles allow each recipient to view, approve, sign or to delegate his/her access to another person.
  3. The list of recipients can be set up sequentially, so that Adam (approve) is invited first, Berta (sign) second, Cindy (sign) third etc.
  4. The online service will send invites to each recipient with a link to open the document and lead them through the process.
  5. When its their turn each recipients can interrupt the process by declining to approve or sign.
  6. The initiator can follow each step in real time and monitor the process
  7. Once every recipient has completed their task, the process is finalised and everybody will be notified. All parties receive the final legal document along with the certificate of validation.


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