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What is e-signing?

With e-signing, agreements are easily handled through an online portal. The initiator of a process can send, sign and manage agreements online and on any device.  The signing process consists of three steps: upload the document to the e-signing service add signing parties: contact information, role and position in sequence send: parties receive emails to open, view, approve and sign the document. Everybody gets … Continued

Are e-signatures legally binding?

Source: Scrive Are e-signatures legally binding? For 99.99% of all documents, the answer is a solid “yes”. Contract law world wide typically honours any agreement where the parties’ intentions to become bound are clearly stated. A handshake, phone recording, fax, paper signature and e-signature are all valid. Identity How do I prove the identity of the signing parties? When selling a car, or a … Continued

Digital signatures: the process explained

In general terms   The initiator uploads the final document to an online e-signing service such as Docusign, or Adobe, or Scrive. The initiator sets up a list of recipients and assigns a role to each one of them. The roles allow each recipient to view, approve, sign or to delegate his/her access to another person. The list of recipients can be set up … Continued

Digital signing: our workflow explained

Turning around contracts If we initiate e-signing we send the first draft to the proprietor for review we send a second draft to the licensee for review we collect all relevant information for electronic signatures from the proprietor and the licensee (names, emails, roles) we initiate the turn-around for electronic signatures via Scrive If our client choses to initiate e-signing: the proprietor sends a … Continued

Digital vs electronic signatures?

Source: Scrive What is a digital signature? A digital signature is a method for ensuring the integrity of digital documents. It’s like a fingerprint that is unique to that document. As with our own human fingerprints, it’s impossible for any other document to have that same digital signature.   What is an electronic signature? An electronic signature is a method for entering into a … Continued