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Digital signatures: Q&A

By Sebastian Ritscher

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Digital signatures: Q&A

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Question: if Mohrbooks initiates e-signing, will there be any costs for us, the proprietor or the licensing publisher?

Answer: no. The costs will be on Mohrbooks. We will initiate and manage the process.

Q: if the proprietor initiates e-signing, will there be any costs for me, the licensing publisher?
A: no. The costs will be on the proprietor who initiates and manages the process.

Q: is Scrive simple for the signatory?
A: yes. Scrive will notify each approver or signatory by email when it’s their turn to approve or sign. They follow the link to the document and approve or sign by the click of a button. 

Q: are the documents in a proprietary format?
A: no. The documents are in a standard PDF format. All parties can view it online and download it at any stage during the process.

Q:  I already have an account with Docusign. Will I need to subscribe to somebody else’s software if they initiate?
A: no, you don’t need to subscribe if you receive an invitation to open a document via the initiator’s software. But you can keep using Docusign for initiating your own contracts.

Q: as a proprietor, we already have a Docusign account. Will it be easier if we initiate the process from our end, from the US? A: no. It’s easier for us at Mohrbooks if we can handle all contracts the same way using only one workflow via Scrive. But you can, of course, use your own system if you prefer.

Q: what happens when everybody has approved and signed?
A: all parties will receive a notification to access and download the fully executed legal document in PDF format.

Q: how can we save the documents?
A: download the PDF and archive them in the same way you would save any other PDF document.


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