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Natural persons from any country

By Sebastian Ritscher

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Natural persons from any country

The tax on foreign income in royalties from Austria is 20%. The certificate of relief from Austrian tax is valid for one year.

All individuals applying for Austrian tax exemption (regardless of their country of residence) must

  • obtain the application form ZS-QU1 „the declaration by individuals for the purpose of unilateral tax relief at the source“ (form ZS-QU1)
  • for US residents:
    • complete the form and sign on page one
    • obtain your US certificate of tax residence (form IRS6166) in the original
    • send all documents IN THE ORIGINAL to us (Mohrbooks, Tax Clearance, Seefeldstrasse 303, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland)
  • for all non-US residents:
    • complete the form and sign on page one, and have the form stamped and signed by their local tax office
    • return the complete application documents to Mohrbooks by email or in the original

The Austrian publisher will be able to pay full royalties without tax deduction as soon as they have received the full application documents.

Our online tax wizard will guide applicants through the process.