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Cathy C. Adams

Caring for Ourselves and Our Children in an Unpredictable World

Without a doubt, the past 16 months have been unpredictable and challenging for all and for parents, maintaining peace of mind became near impossible. In Zen Parenting, Cathy offers a much needed calmer, more self-aware approach for parents to effectively teach and support their children.
It's so easy to fall into the trap of parenting without real awareness, relying on other peoples' ideas and values or outdated child-rearing techniques. By developing self-understanding, then parenting from a more mindful state, we can raise our kids well and appreciate them more.

Zen Parenting advocates mindfulness, calm, and self-regulation at a time when all parents desperately need it. Adams discusses everyday parenting issues like sibling fights, peer pressure, stress from school, finances, and more, and offers concrete examples and strategies to help readers parent deliberately, paying attention to the relationships they're creating with their children so connection becomes the primary focus. All parents right now can benefit from pausing before speaking (and, frankly, speaking less), taking a breath and applying the Zen Parenting principles.

Cathy Cassani Adams is a self-awareness expert focused on parenting and the personal empowerment of women and young girls. She's a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, Certified Elementary School Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, and she teaches in the Sociology Department at Dominican University and Elmhurst College.
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Published 2022-02-01 by Hachette Go