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Amanda Jane Jones Cree Lane Jones

Teach your kids what's delicious and safe to eat--and what's not--with this stylish board book.
In their hip and often humorous Instagram accounts, Amanda and Cree Jones invite the world into their life with two young kids. Now, the Joneses are sharing another experience--the struggle to keep their kids from putting everything they see into their mouths.

Using simple, bright illustrations, irresistible colors, gentle repetition, and a lighthearted tone, this stylish board book teaches babies and toddlers what they should and shouldn't put in their mouths. Delectable treats like an ice cream cone, a pear, and a donut are interspersed with not-so-yummy things kids find irresistible--like coins, boogers, and sand.

Facing pages display the correct use of these items-- boogers go in tissues, coins in a piggy bank, and sand in a bucket. Designed to appeal to modern parents, this durable and attractive book will have kids and their parents going back to it and sharing in the fun of all the delicious and disgusting things kids like.

Amanda Jane Jones is a graphic designer, art director, and was the founding designer and co-creator of Kinfolk, a quarterly lifestyle magazine. She is married to co-author Cree Lane Jones, a Harry A. Bigelow Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School. Amanda and Cree live in Chicago with their two children, Jane and Miles. Their Instagram accounts have a combined 175,000 followers and counting.
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Published 2019-09-17 by Prestel Junior


OK, parents, let's be real for a minute. If your child hasn't eaten something gross, just give it time. Maybe this simply illustrated board book can save you some trouble and save your littles ones a tummy ache. As a bonus, there will probably be lots of giggles and maybe even some sight word recognition when you read this one together.

My kids adore this book - it's been a staple in our home for storytime lately. The book is full of bright illustrations and helps explain to little ones the difference between things we should and shouldn't put in our mouths (an important lesson when you have two toddlers under your roof!).

The simple, clean illustrations feature a cool palette of colors and whimsical designs that are perfect for very young readers.