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Jamie Margolin

Your Voice and How To Use It

Climate change activist and Zero Hour founder Jamie Margolin offers the essential guide to changemaking for young people.
The 1963 Children's March in Birmingham, Alabama. Tiananmen Square, 1989. The 2016 Dakota Access Pipeline protests. March for Our Lives, and School Strike for Climate. What do all these social justice movements have in common? They were led by passionate, informed, engaged young people.

Jamie Margolin has been organizing and protesting since she was fourteen years old. Now the co-leader of a global climate action movement, she knows better than most how powerful a young person can be. You don't have to be able to vote or hold positions of power to change the world.

In YOUTH TO POWER, Jamie presents the essential guide to changemaking, with advice on writing and pitching op-eds, organizing successful events and peaceful protests, time management as a student activist, utilizing social media and traditional media to spread a message, and sustaining long-term action. She features interviews with prominent young activists including Tokata Iron Eyes of the #NoDAPL movement and Nupol Kiazolu of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, who give guidance on handling backlash, keeping your mental health a priority, and how to avoid getting taken advantage of.

Jamie walks readers through every step of what effective, healthy, intersectional activism looks like. Young people have a lot to say. YOUTH TO POWER gives them the tools to raise their voice.

Jamie Margolin is the founder and executive director of Zero Hour, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change. Jamie was honored at the 2018 ALMA awards alongside Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez, was awarded the 2019 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, named to BBC's 100 Women Changing the World in 2019 list. She speaks fluent Spanish and lives in Seattle, WA.
Jaime Margolin, at just 15 co-founded Zero Hour, a global climate action movement. Now at 18, Jamie continues to be a force in the climate change movement. Zero Hour was featured in the National Geographic documentary Paris to Pittsburgh and Jamie herself is currently being filmed for two additional documentaries: one by Leonardo DiCaprio and another by Oscar-winning filmmaker Victoria Roth. And this past June, Jamie did a Ted Talk on the climate crisis.
YOUTH TO POWER will feature a foreword by Greta Thunberg.
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Published 2020-06-02 by Hachette Go


Jamie Margolin's TED Talk: Patriarchy, racism, and colonialism caused the climate crisis | Jamie Margolin | TEDxYouth@Columbia Read more...