It was always written in the contract

„As a literary agent (he realised his) talent to mediate between the magic of creation and the creative greed of exploitation.“ „It was always written in the contract that a day would come when the licence ran out.“ John le Carré (1931-2020) in his speech remembering his friend, literary agent Rainer Heumann, former owner of Mohrbooks.

Worldwide Remarque

The German writer Erich Maria Remarque („All Quiet On The Western Front“) died on 25 September 1970. Fifty years later the exhibition »Weltweit Worldwide Remarque« opening September 25, 2020, at the Erich MariaRemarque Peace Center in Osnabrück documents the current worldwide presence of Erich Maria Remarque’s work in various media since 1998. In more than 500 exhibits from all continents Remarque, his work and his topics … Continued

Wittgenstein’s World

 Philosophy in 3D: If it’s hard to explain, build it!Build Wittgenstein? Science slammer Hanno Depner has created this philosophy kit to explain one of the most essential works of modern thinking – the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s „Tractatus logico-philosophicus“ is the quintessence of his thinking about the world. Thanks to this book you can make it come to life: spend a couple of hours on reflecting and … Continued

Kant in a box

Kant in a box!A fun gift book for aspring students of philosophy. Cut out, glue, paste, put together, drink some coffee. Then, understand the idea of everything. In a box. It takes 30 minutes. Maybe more. Not more than an afternoon. We’ve tested. Watch the movie and the fast slide show.We represent translation rights to this unique fun way to learn about the greatest … Continued

„The Beautiful Life of the Dead“ by Milena Moser is a bestseller

Our author Milena Moser and her partner in life, Victor-Maria Zaballa published a book about how the festive Mexican way of dealing with the end of life and the deceased has become part of their household and their life in San Francisco. Kudos, Milena and Victor! Your book is a number one bestseller! Thank you, Kein & Aber for having published this colorful so … Continued

What Is So Bad About Capitalism?

In his short new book, Jean Ziegler, Swiss sociologist and advisor to the UNHCR explains what’s wrong with capitalism. Told in the form of a conversation with his grand-daughter, this analysis is brilliant, provocative and highly readable. Published by C.Bertelsmann in German and by Seuil in the French original.

Martina Sonns joins Mohrbooks‘ executive team

Press release, April 2019 Zurich based literary agency Mohrbooks announces that Martina Sonns is joining the agency’s owner Sebastian Ritscher in the executive team as CFO. Since her arrival at Mohrbooks in 2002 Martina is in charge of royalty accounting. She has a Federal Diploma of higher education in Accounting and Financial Management and now takes on full responsability for the company’s finances and business administration. Martina’s … Continued

Rightsdesk and data protection (GDPR)

Dear clients, authors and editors, We use Rightsdesk, an online platform that helps us promote our clients‘ German translation rights. Editors who wish to use Rightsdesk can register and open a user account. We do not provide any personal data to Rightsdesk. For more information about Rightsdesk’s terms of service and rules of data protection, please visit their site by clicking here. Thanks you. … Continued

Happy retirement, Marlis!

After more than 26 years Marlis Gaemperli is retiring today. We thank her for her superb services and her laughter. We wish her all the best for the future.