Rightsdesk and data protection (GDPR)

Dear clients, authors and editors, We use Rightsdesk, an online platform that helps us promote our clients‘ German translation rights. Editors who wish to use Rightsdesk can register and open a user account. We do not provide any personal data to Rightsdesk. For more information about Rightsdesk’s terms of service and rules of data protection, … Continued

Kant in a box

Kant in a box!   A fun gift book for aspring students of philosophy. Cut out, glue, paste, put together, drink some coffee. Then, understand the idea of everything. In a box. It takes 30 minutes. Maybe more. Not more than an afternoon. We’ve tested. Watch the movie and the fast slide show. We represent … Continued

Happy retirement, Marlis!

After more than 26 years Marlis Gaemperli is retiring today. We thank her for her superb services and her laughter. We wish her all the best for the future.

Nosing around for secret information

We are proud to announce our most recent hire: Aya (aged 1) has been enlisted to sniff out our archives for missing documents, royalty payments and formal notifications. If you’re missing anything, Aya will get on the case.

The two bearded men I met in Frankfurt at the bookfair

Imagine Charles Darwin and Karl Marx had met. Ilona Jerger’s novel „And Marx Stood Still in Darwin’s Garden“ is a German bestseller. Its publisher Ullstein Verlag had two two-dimensional visitors at their stand at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Translation rights: Ullstein Verlag All other: Mohrbooks

Erich Maria Remarque

On 27 September 1970 Erich Maria Remarque died in Locarno, Switzerland. He is best known for his novel ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (German original: Im Westen nichts neues). In Russia, he is best known for his novel THREE COMRADES (German: Drei Kameraden) and the romantic novel A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME … Continued

UNORTHODOX a German besteller

UNORTHODOX by Deborah Feldman Agency: Simon & Schuster, New York German rights c/o Mohrbooks: Secession Verlag After having spent considerable time on the hardcover list, this memoir is back on the list with BTB’s German paperback reprint.  

Octopus a German bestseller

THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS by Sy Montgomery (Agency: Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books) German rights: c/o Mohrbooks sold to Mare Verlag Spiegel Bestseller #12 (Hardcover Non-Fiction)

Philipp Blom explains the rise of the modern world

We are excited that Hanser Verlag just published historian Philipp Blom’s new book The World Unhinged. He explains how climate change, industrial processes and migration correlated in the rise of the modern world during the Little Ice Age when Londoners walked across the Thames in winter to see a Shakespeare play. A thing of the past? The German … Continued