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Thomas W. Cushing Andy Tuohy

A Shakespearean Card Game for Rhymsters, Rulers, and Star-Crossed Language

Compete for Shakespeare's best-loved plays and characters in a delightful card game that transports players to London's sixteenth-century theatre scene.
Build the most valuable London theatre season by collecting characters from thirteen of Shakespeare's best-loved plays. This illustrated card-based party game combines Shakespeare, drama, and money - it's catnip for theatre buffs, language nerds, and book clubs.

Collect complete plays with all four of their leading characters. The wild cards can increase or decrease your fortune. If you fill in the missing word in the lines of dialog on the bottom of the cards at the end of the game, whether on your own sets of cards or others', you earn extra points for each correct quote. May the biggest Bard lover win!

Thomas Cushing is a writer, entrepreneur, and professional packager. He is the creator of the card game Show Me the Monet and board game Lizzy Loves Darcy.
Andy Tuohy is a graphic designer whose work has been commissioned by the Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, Turner Contemporary, and Henley Regatta and featured in Design Week among other publications. His posters for the Royal Shakespeare Company were widely acclaimed, and his most recent book is Great Modern Artists A to Z.
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Published 2022-08-30 by Clarkson Potter