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Andrew Bleiman Chris Eastland

The fourth book in the ZooBorns series builds on the success of previous titles, with more of what the fans love best: photos and facts about the newest and cutest exotic animal families from every corner of the globe. But this time, there's a twist.
ZooBorns Motherly Love celebrates the special bond between mothers and their babies. From a sea otter cradling her newborn pup to a lioness gently tugging her cub back to her side, readers will be moved by the power of a mother’s love. These photographs focus on the special role mothers play in our lives: they do more for us than they do for themselves, worry about us more than we’ll ever know, and love us more than anyone else can…no matter their species. By highlighting these adorable and relatable moments, ZooBorns hopes to connect readers with the animals featured here and build awareness for the challenges these species face in the wild.

Remember, these babies are much more than just irresistible furry faces. They are ambassadors for their species, helping educate about conservation while they entertain. In fact, 10% of all ZooBorns' revenue from the sale of these books goes directly to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Conservation Endowment Fund.

Andrew Bleiman is a lifelong animal nerd who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English Literature and a yet to be recognized minor in Baby Animalogy. He attributes his fascination with zoology and conservation to monthly childhood trips to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Lillian, and daughter, Avery.

Chris Eastland is a classically trained artist and freelance designer who studied and taught at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. Chris was formerly the Photography Editor for Quest Magazine. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York with his girlfriend, Emilie, their cat Georgie, and their dog Holden.
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Published 2015-04-07 by Simon & Schuster


Published 2015-04-07 by Simon & Schuster