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HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books (2016-09)
Children’s picture books


by Hall, Michael

This beautiful and informative picture book by the New York Times bestselling creator of My Heart Is Like a Zoo and Red: A Crayon’s Story follows a single tree through the fall season. A great read-aloud for home and the classroom.

Wonderfall follows the story of a single tree through the changing of the seasons from fall to winter. People, animals, and vehicles pass in front of the tree, celebrating holidays, playing in the leaves, building nests. Using wordplay and humor (thankFALL, plentiFALL), Hall shares a beautiful exploration of nature and seasonal changes.

A gorgeous new picture book from the author/illustrator of My Heart Is Like a Zoo and Red: A Crayon’s Story. Michael Hall uses paint, cut paper, and a computer to assemble these stunning illustrations. The unique and clever text encourages wordplay and is great for reading aloud. Both text and illustrations introduce concepts such as being thankful, helpful, resourceful, and feeling wistful.

Michael Hall is an award-winning designer whose work has been widely recognized for its simple and engaging approach. He studied biochemistry and psychology at the University of Michigan and worked in biomedical research for several years before becoming a designer. He is the creator of the New York Times bestselling My Heart Is like a Zoo and the acclaimed Perfect Square,, Cat Tale and It’s an Orange Aardvark! He is also the creative director of the Hall Kelley design firm. He lives with his family in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can reach him online at

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