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by Hudson, NeeshaOmlor, Elizabeth Stevens

This day-in-the-life story of a spunky girl and her rambunctious dog gets funnier and sweeter as the little girl takes on the tasks of walking, feeding and washing her pet. It doesn't always end in a clean dog (or a clean girl) but it does end with a big loving hug, followed by bedtime.

Walking your dog is easy...but only if your dog wants to walk.

This bouncy day-in-the-life adventure shows what happens when you pair a spunky little girl with a dog who's as stubborn as he is furry.

Debut author-illustrator team Elizabeth Stevens Omlor and Neesha Hudson use spare text and gorgeous ink-and-watercolor illustrations to show kids that working as a team requires cooperation, patience, and heart.

Selling points!
A GENTLE LESSON IN RESPONSIBILITY: Having a pet may seem like a walk in the park (and sometimes it actually is), but Walk Your Dog uses the daily tasks that come with having a dog to demonstrate that pet ownership requires responsibility and consistency.

SEQUENTIAL LEARNING: From a joyful wakeup and morning meal through a goodnight and bedtime, this story allows kids to anticipate the next activity that will happen during a day when you're caring for someone else.

A BOUNCY READ-ALOUD: Walk Your Dog pairs spare text -- e.g.:Walk your dog; Groom your dog, with each activity being illustrated, so even kids who are just learning to read can join in the read-aloud fun.

COMPROMISE REALLY WORKS!: Everyone has their own way of getting things done, but doing it as a team means staying open to the ideas of others. This story shows that patience, kindness, and compromise can win the day, even when interests conflict.

ADORABLE ART: Neesha Hudson's soft watercolor tones soothe, while her beautiful textures and detail-work create strong characters that engage and amuse.

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor is a writer, artist, and bilingual teacher who lives in rural Northern California with her husband, two young kids, two ancient cats, and two dogs whose combined fur could clothe a small village. She is addicted to peanut butter and spray-painting unsuspecting furniture.
Neesha Hudson has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She lives on the coast of Maine with her husband, their two children, and a Chinese Crested named Napoleon. She walks her dog, draws her dog, and even reads to her dog (with the kids help of course). You can learn more at

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As readers will recognize early on, the owner and her dog are really two of a kind.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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