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A Guide to Cooperation Training for You and Your Dog

by Conza, YvonnePerry, Kate

Whether you are working to set ground rules with a new dog or strengthen bonds with an existing dog, Training For Both Ends of the Leash offers a unique comprehensive, user-friendly read that supports the cooperative training process.

Every household is different and so is every dog, so Kate takes into account a dog’s individual prominent drives, traits, their owner’s lifestyle, and household setup in order to create a balanced training program that results in reliable good communication and behavior between owner and pet.
In TRAINING ON BOTH ENDS OF THE LEASH, readers take the same tried-and-true quiz Kate provides her clients in order to assess their dog’s canine-ality and dominant drives (pack, prey, fight, flight). Discerning your dog’s behavior is the first step to creating a personalized training system that will help you to help your dog develop techniques and skills and target problematic or challenging drives.

And of course it’s all done through Kate’s unique approach to cooperative training, which includes adjusting training to accommodate dogs’ behavioral patterns and tendencies, and uses only positive reinforcement. Cooperative training aims to create a fun and loving atmosphere and a relationship of respect, trust and understanding in order to establish a strong bond between owner and pet. Through the lens of cooperative training, Kate covers all of the essential training categories: housebreaking, socialization, exposures (including Kate’s unique “100 Exposures in 100 Days” technique), street smarts for dogs, play, exercise, and dealing with anxiety (a behavioral trait more and more dogs are dealing with today). Each chapter will include a personal story pulled right from her client files, user-friendly instructions and exercises, visual aids and photography, and sidebars with Professor Sophie, Kate’s own pug who has helped to teach over 3,000 dogs.

Kate Perry is owner of Kate Perry Dog Training (servicing six NY locations). She specializes in hands-on dog training, using positive reinforcement to help owners enhance their relationships while taking into account the unique lifestyles, personalities and life stages of both owner and pet. Her unique and effective training method was recently acknowledged by New York magazine when they awarded her Best Dog Trainer (2010). She has been a trainer for over ten years and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and a certified dog trainer with the Animal Behavioral College, where she also works as a mentor-trainer teaching students how to become trainers in their own right.

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An excellent manual for novice dog owners and those looking to improve their dog-training skills. On a par with Beth Stern’s OH MY DOG and Victoria Stilwell’s It’s ME OR DOG.

Review: Library Journal

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