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Grand Central (February 2013)
Humorous fiction


by Bolen, William Ross

There has never been a book that successfully captures the madness, the mayhem, and the outrageous, offensive, sometimes regrettable and often dangerous fun, fun, fun happening in colleges. It's about drinking. It's about sex. And it's about creating memories, dammit. Memories of college. And friendships and wounds that should heal.

“I inherited everything the American dream entails: money, class, connections, and a genetic predisposition for partying at a level that would put normal people 6-feet-under in some peon-filled public graveyard. Does taking full advantage of this God-given head start and flawless jawline make me a bad person? I don’t think so.”

Meet Townes Prescott III, the voice whose quotes (known as TFM’s) have driven Total Frat Move into the rarefied air of Internet success usually reserved for celebrities, world leaders, and talking cats. After reading a couple of his tweets, the reason for this overwhelming response is immediately apparent: “Every interview I've ever had ended with ‘give my regards to your father.’" TFM. “Old money, new everything else.” TFM “The ‘Hey beautiful’ mass text to every girl in your phone at 2 a.m.” TFM. “There’s a fine line between confident and cocky, and I just snorted it.” TFM. “People say I look like an asshole that just got off a boat. I am and I did.” TFM. “My apartment is top floor, my bourbon is top shelf, and my slams are top tier. It just makes sense to wear topsiders.” TFM. Put simply, you would be hard pressed to find a more often referenced stereotype today than the modern frat guy. The creators behind Total Frat Move had the foresight to see the potential within this cultural fixation and the talent to take advantage of it. The success of (over 100,000,000 hits and 130,000 followers on Twitter in less than a year) shows what is possible when you hit a nerve so squarely people go around quoting your twitter feed to each other. They now pick-up at least 500 new followers every day. TOTAL FRAT MOVE takes the voice that has created this incredible response and gives it an entire book to shine, with the top TFMs at the end of each chapter. Townes’ frat-obiography will share the best stories from his six-year “rage dynasty” at college, from attending his first college class under the influence of strong hydroponic mushrooms (three weeks into the semester), to streaking on ecstasy and setting the tennis court on fire, to motor-boating a younger member’s twice-divorced mom in the middle of a steakhouse.

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After one week on sale TFM debuted at #10 on the NY TIMES Hardcover Bestseller List, and #8 on the NY TIMES ebook bestseller list.

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