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Crime & mystery fiction


by Rindell, Suzanne

A suspenseful and page-turning descent into obsession, love, and murder in the wake of San Francisco's most deadly earthquake. This is bestselling author Suzanne Rindell's most haunting novel since her acclaimed debut The Other Typist.

Which wife holds the darker secret?

San Francisco, 1906. Violet is one of three people grateful for the destruction caused by the massive earthquake. It leaves her and her two best friends unexpectedly wealthyif the secret that binds them together stays buried beneath the rubble. Fearing discovery, the young women strike out on their own, and orphaned, wallflower Violet reinvents herself.

When a whirlwind romance with San Francisco's most eligible widower, Harry Carlyle, lands her in a luxurious mansion as the second Mrs. Carlyle, it seems like Violet's dreams of happiness and love have come true. But all is not right in the Carlyle home, and Violet soon finds herself trapped by the lingering specter of the first Mrs. Carlyle, and by the inescapable secrets of her own violent history.

FRESH OPPORTUNITY WITH A RETURN TO FORM: THE TWO MRS. CARLYLES is Suzanne Rindell's biggest book since her debut in 2013. While her last two novels were firmly historical, this is the pulse-pounding historical suspense lovers of The Other Typist (a Kirkus Reviews and Los Angeles Public Library Best Book of the Year) have been waiting for. Exploring female friendship, turn-of-the-century San Francisco, and the dangers of obsession, rivalry, and falling in love, this story is a must-read and a true opportunity to widen Rindell's readership.

ON-TREND STORY OF FEMALE FRIENDSHIPAND RIVALRY: Told through the eyes of the relatable, unreliable young Violet, THE TWO MRS. CARLYLES follows a trio of female friends as they rise from a lonely orphanage to the heights of San Francisco society. Fans of Fiona Davis, Beatriz Williams, Chanel Cleeton, and Kate Quinn will come to Rindell's historical mastery, while fans of suspense writers like Ruth Ware and Simone St. James will find the heroines' dark secrets utterly gripping.

DELICIOUS GOTHIC FLAIR: There's also a hint of the gothic to Violet's life in the Carlyle mansion. Readers of Daphne du Maurier, Kate Morton, and Jennifer McMahon will be thrilled by the surprises that Violet encounters wandering its shadowy halls.

MARKETABLE AND LITTLE-EXPLORED SAN FRANCISCO HISTORY: Rindell lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and knows its history and landscape. Here, she explores the aftermath of the infamous earthquake of 1906in which 3000 people died and 80% of the city was destroyedand the new San Francisco and way of life that emerged from the rubble. There's much here for book clubs to explore.

Suzanne Rindell is the author of The Other Typist, Three-Martini Lunch, and Eagle & Crane. She earned her PhD in literature from Rice University and currently lives in San Francisco. See attached for praise and foreign sales for her previous books.

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"Rindell's sweeping generational saga will please fans of immersive, meticulously researched historicals."

Review: Publishers Weekly

"Rindell takes to the heavens in this glorious story of two daring aviators during the Great Depression. She's written an epic love story set against a time of upheaval, suspicion and change. A magnificent novel from a great writer."

Quote: Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Tony's Wife

"Elegantly interweaving a lyrical love triangle with the spectacle of Depression-era barnstorming, the plight of Japanese Americans during the Second World War, and a bitter family feud spanning generations, Eagle & Crane poignantly plumbs still deeper waters: how far loyalty and friendship can be tested, and what it means to be an American."

Quote: Lyndsay Faye, author of Jane Steele and the Timothy Wilde trilogy

British Commonwealth: Allison & Busby

Quote: Putnam

"A white-knuckled historical mystery and collision course of cultures, Eagle & Crane threads a fascinating tale through the half-silenced world of Japanese internment in America. Timely, expertly researched, and pro- vocative."

Quote: Dominic Smith, bestselling author of The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

"Wildly ambitious and filled with heartbreak. Passionate, profound, and an absolutely daredevil act of imagination."

Quote: Caroline Leavitt, New York Times-bestselling author of Pictures of You and Cruel

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