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Solving the Mystery Beneath Our Feet

by Panek, Richard

What is gravity? Nobody knows - and just about nobody knows that nobody knows. How something so pervasive can also be so mysterious, and how that mystery can be so wholly unrecognized outside the field of physics, is one of the greatest conundrums in modern science. But as award-winning author Richard Panek shows in this groundbreaking investigation, gravity is a cold case that we are on the cusp of cracking.

Part history of science, part metaphysical farce, and part pop culture romp, THE TROUBLE WITH GRAVITY is a revelation: the first in-depth study of this ubiquitous, elusive force for a popular audience. Panek invites the reader to experience gravity in ways that leave our preconceptions ("what goes up must come down") in the dust, and which open up untold vistas onto the universe and humanity's place in it. Gravity, he explains, structures not only our bodies and our physical world, but also our minds and culture.

From Aristotle to Newton to Einstein - and with stops in between - Panek shows how, from our very beginnings, humans' conceptions of gravity have been inexplicably bound to our understanding of existence itself. As we get closer and closer to answering the question of gravity, we should also be prepared to know both our universe and ourselves as never before.

A Guggenheim Fellow in science writing, Richard Panek is the author of THE 4% UNIVERSE, published in 2011, which won the American Institute of Physics communication award.

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