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by Chenoweth, EmilyMarciano, John BemelmansMommaerts, Robb

In this latest title, The Space Dog Cometh, the worst happens, a dog has invaded Klawde's space!

In book three of this hysterical series, Klawde faces a challenger he never imagined: a dog, who has arrived on Earth to settle the intergalactic score. He's hyper, he's loyal, he's an all-around-good boy, and he's here to bring Klawde to justice. Can our ferocious feline evade the long paw of the law?

Raj, on the other hand, is faced with his own out-of-town visitor who, although from Earth, may prove to be even more formidable: his grandmother. When she starts sending out party invitations to everyone at school for an Indian feast, can Raj survive the embarrassment?

Heavily illustrated, with a hilarious, biting voice that switches between Raj's and Klawde's perspectives, this is the story of an unlikely friendship that emerges between a naive boy and the evil cat who arrived on his doorstep.

Johnny Marciano is a New York Times Bestselling author and illustrator. He has written nonfiction books for all ages such as Anonyponymous, while his work for children includes The Witches of Benevento Series, The No-Good Nine, and Madeline at the White House. Johnny lives in Headquarters, New Jersey, with his wife, nine-year-old daughter, two cats, and a dog.

Emily Chenoweth is the author of Hello Goodbye and the ghostwriter of several young adult New York Times Bestsellers. Under the name Emily Raymond, she has co-authored eight books with James Patterson, including First Love, Expelled, and Witch & Wizard: The Lost. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her partner, the writer Jon Raymond, and their two daughters.

Robb Mommaerts is an illustrator living and working in the frigid state of Wisconsin. He hasn't changed much from his childhood years in the fact that he still mostly loves drawing monsters, dinosaurs, and robots. From his basement dungeon, he works primarily in the world of game art, children's books, character design, and comics. When not attempting to put the strange daydreams from his head to paper, he and his wife are trying to keep up with two kids and a dog.

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