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Infertility is a Feminist Issue

by Kimball, Alexandra

In pop culture as much as in policy advocacy, the feminist movement has historically left infertile women out in the cold.

This book traverses the chilly landscape of miscarriage; and the particular grief that accompanies the longing to make a family. Framed by her own desire for a child, journalist Alexandra Kimball brilliantly reveals the pain and loneliness of infertility, especially as a lifelong feminist. Her experience of online infertility support groups - where women gather in forums to discuss IVF, surrogacy, and isolation - leaves her longing for a real-life community of women working to break down the stigma of infertility.

ALEYANDRA KIMBALL is a magazine writer and editor in Toronto, and has received seven National Magazine Award nominations. She is currently an Associate Editor at Toronto Life magazine.

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