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Thriller / suspense fiction


by Heubusch, John

In this thrilling sequel to The Shroud Conspiracy, a child cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin has the potential to save the worldor destroy it for good.

When a fallen angel is mistakenly resurrected from the blood of an evil "Watcher" taken from the Shroud of Turin, the fiend's first gift to the world is an unstoppable plague. Dr. Jon Bondurant, the forensic anthropologist and avowed atheist, joins with devout Domenika Josef to bring another child of the Shroud into the world to save it, this one borne of DNA believed to be that of Jesus Christ. Can this child be the answer to theirand mankind'sprayers?

His parents are uncertain just who the child is or what he will become, but when he starts demonstrating remarkable powers to heal, they begin to understand that whatever he is, he is not of this world. Might he bring miracles to the world when it needs them the most? Or has science given mankind a tool with which it will destroy itself as the tempting power of the Watcher unfolds?

This globe-spanning chase to uncover the truth and stop a pandemic that just may wipe out humanity once and for all is a fast-paced, explosive thriller.

In a career that has spanned philanthropy, politics, public service, and the Fortune 500, John Heubusch served as the first president of the Waitt Institute, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to historic discovery and scientific exploration. Cited often by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, Heubusch has also been a contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, Forbes, and other leading publications. He is presently the executive director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. He resides with his wife and children in Los Angeles and is the author of The Shroud Conspiracy and The Second Coming.

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Rarely does a sequel surpass the success of a first novel, but John Heubusch manages to do just that with The Second Coming. Readers who appreciate writing that makes them stay up way too late will love this book.

Quote: Dana Perino, Fox News, New York Times Best Selling Author

John Heubusch delivers again. He has followed up his irresistible, action-packed debut thriller The Shroud Conspiracy with its even more sensational sequel, The Second Coming.

Quote: Steve Forbes

I've worked on many films and television shows based on great books. The Second Coming's a winner as a novel and has the makings for a terrific movie, one like you've never seen before.

Quote: Gary Sinise, Actor Academy Award Nominee, Winner of Emmy and Golden Globe Awards

The Second Coming is a smart, electrifying thriller that delivers cover-to-cover. Bravo!

Quote: Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Spymaster

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