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Putnam (2012-07)
Thriller / suspense fiction


by Young, Thomas W.

As page-turning as Tom’s two previous novels but with a clear eye for how the relentless years at war have taken their toll on Parson and Gold, THE RENEGADES is a compelling read and proof that Tom’s storytelling keeps getting better and better.

In THE RENEGADES, we return to Afghanistan and our pilot, Michael Parson (now a Lieutenant Colonel and Afghan Air Force adviser), and interpreter Sophia Gold (now a Sergeant Major), who come together when a major earthquake devastates a large region of country. Both emotionally worn out from several tours in Afghanistan, Parson nonetheless reports for duty to help the rescue efforts and when he requests that Gold, an expert translator of Pashto, join him, she can hardly say no. But the devastation facing them is like nothing they’ve ever seen - and it’s about to get worse. A Taliban splinter group is conducting its own campaign – shooting medical workers, downing helicopters, slaughtering anyone who dares to accept aid and kidnapping young boys to train as suicide bombers. And with the US withdrawing from Afghanistan and coalition forces spread thin, it is up to Parson, Gold, and Parson’s Afghan aircrews to try to figure out how to strike back, but they’re short of supplies, men, experience, and information. So when Gold finds a connection to a local Mullah who may be able to help, she knows that bending the rules is her only option, and Parson, despite his better judgment, knows he has little choice but to follow her lead.

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