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What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

by Zhuo, Julie

Leading a team for the first time is a daunting new endeavor. Facebook's Vice President of Product Design Julie Zhuo presents a bold new guide to getting respect--and results--in your new managerial role.

Julie Zhuo remembers the meeting where her manager asked her to become a manager. As in, convince her peers that she deserved to be in charge of all of them. She was 25. She barely had any experience being managed, let along managing others. But hey, what could go wrong?

As it turns out, Julie had a lot to learn. Like most first-time managers, she was thrown straight into the deep end, with little to guide her. What followed was a series of anxiety-inducing firsts, from her first time agonizing over whether an interviewee was a good fit for her team, her first time building trust with a report who was more experienced than she was, and her first time firing someone she liked. In this accessible, friendly guide, she reveals what she learned the hard way:

* Why you should stop trying to impress your manager, and start asking for help with your thorniest problems
* How to figure out whether a difficult employee is a lost cause or someone worth investing in
*Why you shouldn't deliver critical feedback in a "compliment sandwich"

If you are a new manager, looking to be promoted, or even in your first decade or so of managing, this is a practical guide to navigating the often-choppy waters.

Julie Zhuo is Vice President of Product Design at Facebook, where she oversees the design of the core Facebook service, and how to create communication tools that help people build community and bring the world closer together. Since joining Facebook in June 2006, Julie has designed for a site that grew from 8 million college students to over two billion people worldwide. She lives with her husband and children in California.

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