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True crime


"The Bad Grandpas" and the Hatton Garden Heist

by Bilefsky, Dan

The definitive account of one of the most brazen bank robberies in history.

Over Easter weekend 2015, four roguish thieves in their sixties and seventies came out of retirement. They planned one last career-topping heist that they hoped would land them in the history books. Perhaps not the smoothest of criminals, they nevertheless walked away with a stunning haulmore than $20 million in jewels, gold, diamonds, family heirlooms, and cash.

Veteran crime reporter and former London correspondent for the New York Times Dan Bilefsky offers a gripping account of how these unassuming criminal masterminds nearly pulled off one of the great heists of the century. Drawing on unrivaled access to the leading officers on the case at the Flying Squad, the legendary Scotland Yard unit that hunted the gang, and notorious criminals from London's shadowy underworld, Bilefsky follows the villains as they plot, execute, and attempt to evade capture in a nail-biting game of cat-and-mouse.

Dan Bilefsky is a journalist who has reported from cities all around the world, including London, Paris, Brussels, and Istanbul. He is currently a New York Times Canada correspondent based in Montreal.

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