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Mysterious Bookshop (2018-03)
Crime & mystery fiction


by Koryta, Michael

The newest Bibliomystery #36is now available: Michael Koryta'sThe Last Honest Horse Thief! The book contains a tale from the childhood of Koryta's series character Markus Novak, raised by a family of nomadic cons who travel around the American West evading the law -- except when they don't, as is the case in this story.

Markus Novak has never known the feeling of home. The child of a family of outlaws, he moves through the West town by town with his mother and two uncles, staying in a place just long enough to run a short con and move along. After one such job goes south and his mom gets locked up, Markus finds himself living in the foster care of a rancher and his wifestrangely comfortable, yet torn by loyalty to the family he's lost. To distract himself, he spends his days working the farm and his nights restoring a rusty old 1950s Chevrolet. Then he discovers a note left by his uncles in a book at a local pawn shop, and Markus learns that the men are hiding out in a mountain town outside Yellowstone. Restoring the car soon becomes his only hope of reaching them, and a dusty old manual his only hope of making it run once again.

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