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A Step-By-Step Workbook to Stop Worrying About Money, Take Control of Your Finances, and Live a Happier Life

by Bryan-Podvin, Lindsay

Discover how to overcome money stress, make smarter money moves, and find financial freedom with this life-changing interactive guide!

Most adults today experience some degree of anxiety. One of the top causes of chronic anxiety? Money.

Financial anxiety is ranked #2 in terms of what is stresses us out. And the more anxious a person is about money, the less likely they are to take action toward improving their financial health. Hitting a little close to home? Now that your heart rate is up, here's the good news - anxiety is treatable and financial literacy is easier than you think. THE FINANCIAL ANXIETY SOLUTION will show you how to conquer money-related stress and take control of your financial life.

Inside, you'll find:
- Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques for developing anxiety coping skills
- Interactive quizzes to help identify "pain points" of stress
- Journal prompts to help work through money-related thoughts and feelings
- Mindfulness exercises to help calm a worried mind
- Popular money-management techniques that can help turn the page on financial anxiety

THE FINANCIAL ANXIETY SOLUTION takes you step by step through helpful exercises and strategies to understand the sources of anxiety, apply coping skills to address anxiety symptoms, and prepare to tackle your financial worries.

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, LMSW is a financial therapist who started her career in the field of mental health treatment and advocacy. The first financial therapist in Michigan, she combines financial literacy with the emotional and psychological side of money.

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