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Random House (2019-10-01)
Graphic novel & Manga artwork


by Hertzfeldt, Don

A truly unique graphic novel - originally published in a limited printing by a small press and now in its first wide release, THE END OF THE WORLD is a hilarious fever-dream vision of the apocalypse from the mind of a legendary animator and two-time Oscar nominee.

Don Hertzfeldt is best known for his animated film World of Tomorrow, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2016 and ranked #10 on Rolling Stone's list of the Greatest Animated Movies Ever. During sleepless nights while working on this and his other celebrated films, he kept a collection of all the deleted scenes, bad dreams, and abandoned ideas that were too strange to make it to the big screenall jotted down on Post-It notes in his distinctive minimal style.
THE END OF THE WORLD is a collage of these outtakes, remixed and rearranged to form something new and delightful: a deeply strange, thoroughly human tapestry of humor, joy, and despair that is unlike anything else you'll ever read. And you don't need to be a fan to enjoy this whistle-stop journey through the endtimes; Hertzfeldt's visually striking style and surrealist narrative verve will appeal to a wide range of graphic novel lovers, as well as readers of Jonny Sun, Blake Butler, and Ryan North.

THE END OF THE WORLD transcends its unusual nature and taps into universal and eternally relevant themes of mortality, identity, memory, and loss. with the occasional monstrous biting eel descending from the sky.

Don Hertzfeldt is an artist, writer, and independent filmmaker. Since 1995, his work has screened around the world, received over 250 awards in addition to two Oscar nominations, and made a special appearance on The Simpsons. Eight of his films have competed at the Sundance Film Festival, a festival record, where he is the only director to have won the Grand Jury Prize twice. W

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Learn more about Hertzfeldt's work and the genesis of this book by reading this interview with Vox.

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