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A Creative Companion for a Beginner's Mind

by Ambler, CharlieGottlieb, Iris

This is a playfully illustrated journal for engaging your beginner's mind, by the twentysomething creator of Daily Zen.

This title is perfect for millennial readers of quirky mindfulness guides like The Buddha Walks into a Bar, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and Waking Up, as well as fans of quirky, introspective journals like 1 Page at a Time and How to Be Happy (or at Least Less Sad).

Ask any happy person you know - curiosity and playfulness keep us engaged and connected to what matters most. This Zen Buddhist-influenced journal helps anyone cultivate beginner's mind - open to observing, laughing, and growing into our best selves.

Written by Charlie Ambler, the twentysomething creator of Daily Zen (the popular blog and Twitter feed that reaches more than 300,000 engaged fans), this thought-provoking journal with elegant illustrations by Brooklyn artist Iris Gottlieb will open your mind, ease your stress, and help you prioritize your life, one enlightening page at a time.

Charlie Ambler is the creator of the popular mindfulness blog Daily Zen, as well as the founder of a successful online apparel brand, Strike Gently Co, which has been featured in Vogue, Vice and W magazine.
Iris Gottlieb is a freelance illustrator whose second book, Seeing Science, will be published by Chronicle in fall 2018.

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