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Morvarid (2015)
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by Gholami, Alireza

This anti-war novel by an Iranian writer is set during the war between Iran and Iraq 1980-88 and tells the story of the suffering among ordinary citizens.

The story takes place within the time frame of 24 hours on a cold winter day. Readers follow the perspective of a 14 year old boy who first loses his half-brother to a missile attack, then his mother in a bomb raid. The rigid discipline of a school day mirrors the horrors of a suffering city at war and a regime that subjects its people to a daily routine of propaganda. When a bomb hits the school and the head master dies, the students give room to their rage and despair.

THE BLACK DAY is a novel about the horrors of war that reminds us of the great classics like ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT but, unlike Remarque, Gholami's front is at home, not in the trenches. It is precise, realistic and dense. It is also a novel about Iran during that specific episode in the country's long history.

Mr. Gholami is an Iranian writer who is known mostly for his interviews and reports in Iranian magazines. He has written two novels in Persian, which among them "The Black Day" was printed in Tehran and then was admired immediately by critics and Iranian writers. It was successful to grab attentions.

"I have read rarely a story that describes so certain and the impact of war on human life. The war not only causes the death, injury and destruction, but, as the author of the novel "The Black Day" elaborates masterly, destroys human emotions."" Bahman Niroumand (Translator from Persian to German)

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