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Penguin Australia (2014-11)
Thriller / suspense fiction


by d'Hagé, Adrian

If you control energy, you control the world?

In the shifting desert sands of Egypt, rumours abound of a lost papyrus that will reveal the true purpose of the Pyramids of Giza. Could these ancient monoliths be the source of a new kind of energy, one that comes at no cost to the planet? CIA agent Curtis O'Connor and archaeologist Aleta Weizman are determined to find out, after a chance discovery on holiday in Cairo sets them on the trail.

Close by, a shadowy and powerful group known as Pharos meets in Alexandria, its membership a closely guarded secret. Its first order of business: to orchestrate chaos on international financial markets. And what better way to do this than with a series of spectacular terrorist attacks on the world's fossil-fuel supplies?

The only threat to Pharos' plans is O'Connor and Weizman. The threats to O'Connor and Weizman are too numerous to count. And the stakes are higher than anyone can imagine.

From Afghanistan to Washington, Sydney to London, The Alexandria Connection is a spectacular ride. Nimbly weaving politics, history and science through a sizzling story, the bestselling author of The Inca Prophecy and The Maya Codex does not disappoint.

Adrian d'Hagé was educated at North Sydney Boys High School and the Royal Military College Duntroon (Applied Science). Graduating into the Intelligence Corps, he served as a platoon commander in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Military Cross. His military service included command of an infantry battalion, director of joint operations and head of defence public relations. In 1994 Adrian was made a Member of the Order of Australia. In his last appointment, he headed defence planning for counter terrorism security for the Sydney Olympics, including security against chemical, biological and nuclear threats. Adrian holds an honours degree in theology, entering as a committed Christian but graduating 'with no fixed religion'. In 2009 he completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Dean's Award) in oenology or wine chemistry at Charles Sturt University, and he has successfully sat the Austrian Government exams for ski instructor, 'Skilehrer Anwärter'. He is presently a research scholar, tutor and part-time lecturer at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (Middle East and Central Asia) at ANU. His doctorate is entitled 'The Influence of Religion on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East'

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