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Natural Bath & Beauty Recipes

by McArthur, Stasie

Make customized and luxurious products for skin, hair, and bath at home!

You can make luxurious products for skin, hair, and bath at home! All you need are basic cooking skills, a few simple kitchen tools, some common household ingredients - and this easy-to-follow guide. SPA APOTHECARY is a great resource for those who want to avoid the chemical additives of commercial products. Best of all, it will assist you in transitioning to a healthier, natural beauty routine and save you money, too!

Author Stasie McArthur explains how to build your own personal apothecary. There is a supply list and more than 100 simple, preservative-free recipes, along with a helpful tip for each one. Included are moisturizers and toners for face and hand care, washes and scrubs for skin and body, shampoos and conditioners, and healing compounds for congestion and earaches. These handmade products make great gifts for family and friends - and can be customized with favorite scents and textures.

New York native Stasie McArthur has been making homemade and handmade gifts for friends and family for more than twenty years. While Stasie is skilled in a wide variety of crafts - from knitting and crochet to refurbishing furniture and wreath-making - her current focus is on natural remedies, herbs, cooking, and baking.

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