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by Sartori, Giacomo

Is it possible for God to fall in love, unwittingly and in an almost ridiculous way?
And that too with a girl like any other, totally imperfect?
A forceful and unique novel, a comic fable on a creature like any other: the one from which everything originates.

Fed up of roaming around the universe, god decides to take a closer look at man, and in the process ends up falling in love, unwittingly, with a girl who is all but perfect: punk, resercher and staunch atheist, Dafne, becomes the object of his desires. Hovering between the comic and the absurd, the chapters alternate between God's observations on man and the latter's ephemeral nature and his falling head over heels for this girl.

A diary that even towards the end doesn't deny what God thinks of man right from the beginning: "What has prevailed to this moment is my infinite kindness. But the time has now come to extinguish man for good. Just as I've done with dinosaurs and mammoths, each time getting out of the way a whole bunch of beings. Species simply get too boring after sometime, just like any other thing: you simply need new faces, fresh air". Intimately convinced of his supremacy over the other species on earth, man turns out to be just like all other living creatures, which are all the creation of God, who, for once, shows his more human face.

A sly critique of the hypocrisy and hubris that underlie faith in religion, science, and macho careerism, I Am God takes us on a hilarious and provocative romp through the Big Questions with the universe's supreme storyteller.

Giacomo Sartori (Trento, 1958) is an agronomist and he lives in Paris and Trento. He has published several short story collecctions and the novel Tritolo (Il Saggiatore, 1999), Anatomia della battaglia (Sironi, 2005) Sacrificio (Pequod, 2008, Italic 2013), and Cielo nero. Sartori's shorter fiction includes the book of interrelated absurdist stories Autismi (Autisms, 2018). Sartori has also published poems and plays, and he has won several Italian literary prizes.

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Polemical with believers and atheists aluike, unsatisfied with all the cults that are attributed to him, this rationalising and neurotic God, who plays with language and human lives, replacing the omniscient narrator as would a sorcerer's apprentice [...], is he himself the novel, and all the more so is the surprisingly calm form of an existential and cosmic interrogation that represents a true turnaround in the work of Sartori, whose readers were used to his more sombre and claustrophobic outlook...

Review: La Lettura - Il Corriere della Sera

A playful , exciting, mockingly modern voice, translated, what's more, by one of few translators who can really make the italian vernacular sing truely and fluently in English.

Quote: Tim Paks, author of Italian Ways and Italian Neighbors

In this riotous philosophical romp, Sartori has invented an omniscent narrator like no other and an identity crisis with truly cosmic implications. Poignant, hilarious, and serious by turns, this is a jeu d'ésprit with both heart and mind.

Quote: Eva Hoffmann, author of Lost in Translation

Hilarious, insightful....[A]n immensely satisfyng feat of imagination.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Who better to reflect on the state of the planet than its creator? I Am God is by turns funny, sad, outrageous, and tender - a cosmic romp.

Quote: Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction

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