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by McLaughlin, Lauren

Two weeks will change everything in the lives of a group of teens.

Nikki is known at Jonesville High as being a "mean girl." Fine by her, as she has her close friends--and the new girl, Suze, who has caught the eye of the school's star athlete, Tarkin Shaw.

Then, at a party one night, Shaw drugs Suze, takes photos of her, and uses them to blackmail her.

Wary of going to Nikki -- who has her own troubled history with Shaw -- Suze turns to Marcus, a budding reporter for the town paper, and his best friend DeShawn, a big-hearted outsider, to help her break into Shaw's house and get rid of the photos. But their mission goes horribly wrong, and the next morning Shaw is found dead, and the police suspect foul play.

Now Nikki, Suze, Marcus, and DeShawn must guard their secrets. The clock is ticking, and the truth could cost them everything... but is the truth negotiable when the punishment fits the crime? Who will take the fall before it all catches up to them?

With SEND PICS, Lauren McLaughlin expertly navigates the ripple effect that assault and trauma can have on a person and a community, and confronts the painful truths of being a victim in a world that wants girls to believe they bring these things onto themselves. The novel is a smart page-turner that is as deep as it is riveting, and all too timely.

Lauren McLaughlin is the author of five novels, Cycler, (Re)Cycler, Scored, The Free, and the forthcoming Send Pics from Dottir Press. She has also written the children's picture books Wonderful You and Mitzi Tulane, Preschool Detective. Prior to her fiction career, she spent ten years as a screenwriter and movie producer. Her screenplay credits include Prisoner of Love, starring Naomi Campbell, Specimen, starring Mark Paul Gosselaar, and Hypercube. She also produced American Psycho, Buffalo 66, and several other feature films.

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