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Stories from the History of the Supreme Court

by O'Connor, Sandra Day

From Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, fascinating stories about the history and evolution of the Supreme Court over time, its customs and people, by the first woman Supreme Court Justice, and the author of Lazy B.

The road to today's modern court, Justice O'Connor writes, was one fraught with change, upheaval, and contingency for most of our nation's history. So much of what we take for granted was once steeped in uncertainty. Here, with candor, wisdom and humor, Justice O'Connor sheds light on the people and transformations that took us from John Jay to John Roberts, from an erratic young court to the incredible institution that endures today.
With fascinating insider insight and the voice and narrative of a natural storyteller, Justice O'Connor takes us on an intimate tour of historical moments in the highest court in the land, and reveals to us some of her favorite key figures and developments in the Court's rich history.

OUT OF ORDER takes us behind the scenes of the Supreme Court, as an insider tells us stories of pivotal people and moments that inspired her, from Marbury vs. Madison through to the present day. Justice O'Connor gives us fascinating, insightful stories of moments in the life of the Supreme Court.

SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised on the Lazy B ranch. She attended Stanford University, where she took Wallace Stegner's writing course. She began her public service in Phoenix, and was Majority Leader of the Arizona Senate before becoming a judge. She is the author of Lazy B, a memoir about growing up in the Southwest, and The Majesty of the Law, a reflection on American law and life. President Reagan nominated her as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and she served from 1981 to 2006. She serves as Chancellor of The College of William & Mary, and is on the board of trustees of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is a New York Times bestselling author. She was the first woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court. She retired in 2006, and remains highly influential and involved, and active in service on federal courts.

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In this delightful collection of tales, Sandra Day O'Connor shows us the personal side of the Supreme Court while reminding us of the critical role the court plays. It's a lovely book -- and a valuable treasure for all Americans.

Quote: Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

We have always known that Sandra Day O’Connor was a wise and thoughtful Justice of the Supreme Court. But we haven’t always appreciated what a talented storyteller and historian she is as well. This, her most recent book, contains succinct and readable stories from the history of the Supreme Court, and it nicely demonstrates that remarkable talent.

Quote: Gordon S. Wood

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