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by Glynn, John

One propulsive, sand-strewn summer in which debut memoirist John Glynn felt his crushing loneliness sharpen into an aching, wholly unexpected love for another man amid friendships, secrets and epiphanies.

In 2013, John Glynn joined a sharehouse for the summer in Montauk, a spit of land jutting into the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of Long Island. Packing his duffel for that first Memorial Day Weekend, he prayed for clarity. At 27, he was crippled by an all-encompassing loneliness, a feeling he had carried in his heart for as long as he could remember. John didn't understand it; he just knew it was there.

Over that one unforgettable summer, 31 people would sleep between its thin walls. Against the moonlight the house's octagonal roof resembled a bee's nest; they called it The Hive.

OUT EAST is the portrait of a summer, of the Hive and the people who lived in it, and John's own reckoning with a half-formed sense of self. The Hive was a center of gravity: friendships, conflicts, secrets and epiphanies blossomed within this tightly woven friend group and came to define how they would live out the rest of their twenties and beyond. Cailen's mother was diagnosed with cancer. Beautiful Ashley was so choked with insecurity that she brought her hair straightener to the dive bars each night. Mike and Scott's relationship was about to implode. And John was confronting his sexuality. For the first time, he was falling in love with a guy.

Blending the sand-strewn milieu of George Howe Colt's The Big House, the radiant aching of Olivia Liang's The Lonely City, and the novelistic prose of Jenny Offill's Dept. of Speculation, Out East is a keenly wrought story of love and transformation, longing and escape in our own contemporary moment.

John Glynn is a book editor at Hanover Square Press, an imprint of HarperCollins. Prior to joining Hanover Square, he was an associate editor at Scribner, where he worked on a number of New York Times bestsellers. He grew up in western Massachusetts and lives in New York City. Out East is his first book.

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OUT EAST is on various Best Book lists: An Entertainment Weekly Best Book of May 2019 A TIME Magazine Best Book of May 2019 A Cosmopolitan Best Book of May 2019 An Oprah Magazine Best LGBTQ Book of 2019 The Millions Most Anticipated Books of May May Indie Next List

Quote: Hodgman

John Glynn's Out East is a combination travelogue and memoir. He brings the eye of a cultural explorer to the time-honored ritual of summertime house shares. While this in and of itself would be plenty to compel a reader's attention, the book does so much more, layering in the story of the author's own sexual awakening amid the dunes and the drinks and the bravura... A wonderful new talent.

Quote: Madeleine Blais, Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of To the New Owners

No author has captured a millennial milieu better or with more empathy than John Glynn. Out East is a perfectly paced memoir and riveting portrait of a friend group. I loved it.

Quote: Anita Shreve, New York Times bestselling author of The Pilot's Wife and The Star

Slyly funny and heroically honest, Out East will charm you on every page, even as you ache for its sensitive and searching narrator. With his gorgeous, precise, soulful prose and discerning eye for sociological detail, Glynn offers a perceptive, youthful, and heartfelt summertime story of love and longing on the hedonistic shores of Long Island that revives the spirit of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to speak for our present moment.

Quote: Stefan Merrill Block, author of Oliver Loving

John Glynn wonderfully captures it all: the bars, the clothes, the music, the breakups, the giddiness and terror of being young in New York, searching for yourself all week, searching for someone else on weekends, in one of the world's most hauntingly beautiful beach towns. If you're in your twenties you'll smile and nod at the joy and pain of Glynn's quest. If you're not in your twenties, he'll make you feel as if you are. A gorgeous debut.

Quote: J.R. Moehringer, Pulitzer Prize winner and NYT bestselling author The Tender Bar

This boisterous chronicle of a summer in Montauk sees a group of 20-something housemates who'll grow to know, to love, and care for one another. They work hard during the week, party hard on weekends, and each will face heartthrob and heartbreak. A coming out story told with feeling and humor and above all with the razor-sharp skill of a delicate and highly gifted writer.

Quote: Andre Aciman, New York Times bestselling author of Call Me by Your Name

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