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How Leaders Build a Team of Teams

by Fussell, ChrisGoodyear, C.W.

From the co-author of New York Times bestseller Team of Teams comes this practical guide for leaders looking to make their organizations flatter and more interconnected.

When retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal and former Navy SEAL Chris Fussell co-wrote Team of Teams, they drew on their experience transforming the US military’s Special Forces into a flexible and nimble force that could fight Al-Qaeda’s decentralized network in Iraq. They proved that the agility, adaptability, and cohesion of small teams could be scaled up to large organizations, while breaking down the silos that frequently cause problems.

Since Team of Teams became a bestseller in 2015, business leaders have repeatedly asked Fussell the same questions: How can I transform my own organization into a team of teams? Is that kind of dramatic change even possible, outside of the urgency of a combat zone? If so, what are the practical steps to get there?

ONE MISSION answers those questions and many more. Drawing on his own experience and his consulting work with the McChrystal Group, Fussell shows how civilian organizations have transformed their way of doing business—becoming flatter, quicker, and much more collaborative across departments and divisions. Along with sharing his own experiences from the battlefield, he explores examples from industry titans like Intuit and Under Armour, which have adopted a similar model to unite everyone around single compelling mission. The result is a “shared consciousness” that drives consistently better results with less friction and inter-group rivalry.

This book is for leaders who wishes they could get everyone to look beyond their narrow field of vision to understand and contribute to the organization’s one true mission.

Chris Fussell is a former Navy SEAL, a managing partner at The McChrystal Group, and the leader of The McChrystal Group Leadership Institute. He has appeared in numerous media outlets and gives speeches around the country. He is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Team of Teams (approx. 200,000 copies sold in the US).

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Quote: Portfolio

Whether you are the CEO of a company, the head of a government agency, or the leader of a nonprofit, this book should be the next one you read.

Quote: Michèle Flournoy, CEO of the Center for a New American Security

Businesses that operate using the old command-and-control model struggle to navigate the complex problems of the twenty-first century. With One Mission, organizations have the vocabulary and toolset they need to switch to a Team of Teams model and excel in the information age.

Quote: Dhiraj Rajaram, founder and chairman of Mu Sigma Inc.

One Mission sets out the most exciting prospect for re-engineering a twenty-first-century company. For me, this was not a book for bedside reading. I read it upright, taking notes, inspired with thoughts for my own enterprise. Assuming I have the discipline to follow through, these few hours of reading will prove the highest ROI on mytime in a dozen years.

Quote: David G. Bradley, chairman of Atlantic Media

Chris Fussell is one of the most dynamic thinkers of our day. His ideas and his perspectives have challenged many of my own assumptions and pushed me to think bigger. I’m smarter because of Chris Fussell. Read this book!

Quote: Simon Sinek, optimist and author of START WITH WHY and LEADERS EAT LAST

Leaders from all sectors will recognize themselves and their organizations in the pages of One Mission. Fussell is an engaging writer, weaving together stories of his military past with tales of the many businesses that he was worked with. The result is a valuable, practical manual of how to make the necessary changes to become a Team of Teams.

Quote: Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of New America, author

One Mission is required reading for anyone leading people. Fussell’s vivid account of how a team of teams model turned the tide on the battlefield is both inspiring and instructional in helping leaders to navigate the transition from twentieth-century bureaucracy to twenty-first-century complexity.

Quote: Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmart

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