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Humorous fiction


Tales From a House-Call Veterinarian

by MacVean, Duncan

This heartwarming collection of stories brings readers along for the ride, getting to know the curious creatures he treats and their perhaps sometimes even more curious humans. My Patients Like Treats is the perfect book for animal lovers or those who simply appreciate a good story.

Physicians used to make house calls. Today, a few veterinarians still do. Duncan MacVean, DVM, is one such vet. His patients range from cats and dogs to pigs and lizards - each of them a unique personality. Every animal and every home is different, but every owner is the same in their affection for their companions. Without warning, MacVean finds himself in odd situations: stepping into a basement full of free-flying bats or struck speechless by a pig who loves opera so much that she falls into a trance.

The hilarious and the heartbreaking come together in this collection of true tales, all gathered from his lifelong career. MacVean finds himself riding backwards atop a potbelly pig that bucks and kicks its way down the hall, knocking over a china cabinet in the process. One woman with terminal cancer earnestly wants to know where pets go when they pass away - will her beloved cat and dog join her in the afterlife? Navigating the finer elements of human and animal interaction isn't easy. Here, MacVean provides a glimpse into his experience with such relationships, always looking for the humor and light of every situation.

With never a dull moment, his dedication to the animals of this earth and compassion for their human caretakers drives MacVean onward, from house to house, from patient to patient.

Duncan MacVean, DVM has been a professor of veterinary medicine at various universities. He has also worked with captive wild animals in Southeast Asia and as a consultant for the Malaysian National Zoo. Duncan "retired" back to his hometown and has been a house-call veterinarian for the past twenty-five years. He lives near Sacramento, California.

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Whether happy or sad, humorous or somewhat shocking, these real-life stories about pets and other animals will draw in readers... Highly recommended for YA and adult collections.

Review: Library Journal

Duncan MacVean, DVM, is a veterinarian, writer, philosopher, and - in this reader's opinion, his greatest skilla listener. My Patients Like Treats is far more than a simple account of interactions with the animals he has been called to care for; rather, it is an elegantly told study of the human condition as witnessed by a man who sees far more than surface wounds and ailments. This book beautifully captures dramatic moments in other people's lives while never forgetting the reason for the author's presence: the pets themselves.

Quote: Michael Morse, author

Filled with mystery, surprise, and a lot of fun, these short stories are anchored in the details of life as a veterinarian. You'll meet some interesting animals and people throughoutMy Patients Like Treats, and find yourself laughing at the peculiarity of these real-life characters.

Quote: Cheryl Reed-Dudley, author

Dr. MacVean shares engaging, humorous, and heart-wrenching tales of his veterinary journey from being an Asian wildlife veterinarian to choosing a house-call practice, treating whomever he gets called to help. He shares from both his heart and his mind, touching the hearts of all animal lovers while offering deep insights into our connections with our animal friends. Read it and allow it to nourish that unique spot that all animal lovers share. It is a great reminder that we truly are all kindred spirits.

Quote: Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, PhD (hon.), and author

This is a kind-hearted book from a kind-hearted man. My Patients Like Treats offers animal lovers a glimpse into a veterinarian's life with his sometimes humorous, often poignant scenes from a life lived helping people care for their animals, big and small.

Quote: Suzanne Clothier, author

Anyone interested in animals will love this unique insight into life as a veterinary. Funny at times, heartbreaking at others, I loved every story that Duncan MacVean brings to life.

Quote: Sharon Ward Keeble, author

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