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A Book to Fill Out Together

by Currie, Lisa

Welcome to Me, You, Us—the book to fill out together! A keepsake to create with loved ones.

This is a creative space for you to share with your friends or a loved one. Just flip to a random page and use the prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain.

Write fortune cookies to each other! Decide on your perfect theme song! Brainstorm ideas for your matching tattoos! You can fill out each page with a different friend, or complete the whole book with a special someone.

And the best part? Not only will you have fun getting playful together, you’ll also end up with an amazing time capsule to look back on!

Lisa Currie is an illustrator and street artist who encourages self-expression and collaboration through doodling. She is the creator of The Scribble Diary and The Scribble Project. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Author website:

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