by Auerbach, AssaCodor, Richard

Max the Demon vs Entropy of Doom is a fun-to-read scientific graphic novel which explains Energy, Heat and Entropy in a way that is accessible to all. Max is a character based on the mythical Maxwell's Demon, who is sent on a mission to help save Earth from environmental disaster.

In the 1860s James Clerk Maxwell, a scot and physicist, imagined a creature who could violate the second law of thermodynamics. This became known as Maxwell's Demon. Little did he know that in 2018, another physicist at an elite university in Haifa, Israel, would write a story featuring that very demon.who would teach kids (and adults!) the basic laws of physics.

Max the Demon is sent on a mission to save Earth from environmental disaster. Julie the Physicist sends him on his way through time to learn about energy, heat, and entropy from the historical giants of science.

Along the way, there is suspense, villainy, and near catastrophe. This fun-to-read and humorous adventure story explains the physics of thermodynamics in a way that is accessible to everyone based on James Clerk Maxwell's imagined demon.

This Middle Grade graphic novel was self-published by a physicist from Israel's Technion Univeristy in Haifa, (one of the world's top ten science and technology schools). When Assa Auerbach and illustrator Richard Codor first set out to publish the work, they thought they would share it with their colleagues at other universities, but then their kids started to read it and they realized they had something much larger in their hands.

Assa Auerbach, a Professor of Physics at the Haifa Technion (which is among the world's top ten science and technology research universities) collaborated with Brooklyn based illustrator Richard Codor to create an explosive graphic novel of the scientific adventures based on elements of STEM. Assa researches the theory of condensed matter and is fascinated by superconductivity. He authored "Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism", which is widely used in physics graduate courses. Assa has talked about thermodynamics to schoolchildren at Aspen Center for Physics and in outreach events around the world.
Richard Codor, illustrator, makes a living drawing humorously. For many years, he was editorial cartoonist for Crain's NY Business and the NY Observer. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications in the U.S. and abroad. His work is featured in the The Big Book of Jewish Humor and the Israeli social satire classic, Zoo Eretz Zoo. As a story artist, Richard contributed to TV shows and movies, such as "Doug", "Lizzy McGuire", and "Robots". Richard, with his wife Liora, created, wrote, illustrated, and published the perennial best-selling cartoon Joyous Haggadah. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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A good introduction to central ideas of entropy and energy, without sacrificing accuracy! A really cool book!

Quote: F. Duncan M. Haldane, 2016 Physics Nobel Laureate

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