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by Scurati, Antonio

No other writer has dared to write a work of fiction with Mussolini as protagonist. This great is the novel of a century and a powerful moral reminder of the dangers we face today.

There are many biographies of Benito Mussolini, the Zeligesque journalist and demagogue who invented Fascism and was in turn imitated by fellow dictators across Europe and around the world. Scurati has approached Mussolini with both fascination and horror, deeply convinced that the man is an ineradicable part of our common European history and that the conditions that made his ascent possible are still present in our societies. Drawing on a vast literature of books, journals, newspapers, and documents of all sorts, Scurati has written a novel, both historically accurate and gripping as few works of pure fiction could be.

M, SON OF THE 20TH CENTURY covers the decisive years of Mussolini's ascent to power, from 1919 when he created a movement from the desperate ex-soldiers of the First World War to 1924 when he managed to become the absolute master of Italian politics and one of the most influential and admired world-leaders.

Antonio Scurati is one of the most important writers of his generation. He was born in Napoli in 1969 and is a Professor of Comparative Literature at IULM, Milano, and a columnist of La Stampa. His novels have been awarded the Premio Campiello, Premio Viareggio and he was longlisted txice for Premio Strega. His books have been widely translated.

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Croatian: Fraktura

Quote: TILA

The novel Italy has been waiting for decades. A masterpiece.

Quote: Roberto Saviano

A novel where absolutely nothing is invented. A work that leads us to relive, step by step, twenty years that changed history forever.

Quote: Panorama

The novel about fascism that nobody ever wrote before.

Review: Venerdi die Repubblica

M.Il figlio del secolo by Antonio Scurati has immediately hit the top ten on various best-seller lists: n.1 on 3rd of the general best-seller list of Repubblica - 2nd of the Fiction 4th of the general best-seller list of Corriere della sera 3rd of the Fiction N.1 of Arianna best-seller list N. 8 of Nielsen General best-seller list N. 5 of Nielsen Fiction Best-seller list.

Quote: TILA

Film rights optioned by Wildside

Quote: TILA

The DNA of fascism is revealed through a dense and choral story, which mixes famous and unknown characters.

Review: La Repubblica

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