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Crime & mystery fiction


Out of This World

by Woolrich, Cornell

Volume Two: Out of This World. Within this Volume, we've chosen four novellas that are not only the perfect culmination of Woolrich's greatest motifs, but explore his rarely touched upon worlds of sciencefiction, fantasy and horror.

Each story contains a unique murder, or murders, delving deep into the uglier side of human nature and what happens when obsession, greed, depression, evil and psychotic breakdowns can no longer be suppressed within. These bizarre tales reflect Woolrich's experiences in the depression of the 1930s, his experiences living in the hotel Marseilles with his mother, and those of his childhood that shaped his perspective on life and death.

STORIES INCLUDE: I'm Dangerous Tonight, Jane Brown's Body, Mystery in Room 913 and The Moon of Montezuma.

The fiction of Cornell Woolrich is rife with the kind of psychological tension audiences have always craved. He has been called the foremost suspense writer of the 20th century, the Edgar Allan Poe of his era. He was a prolific writer in the crime, horror, noir and mystery genres, publishing over two dozen novels and over two hundred short stories and novellas along with those that had been unpublished at the time of his death in 1968. One of the most famous film adaptations aside from Rear Window was directed by François Truffaut, whose French new wave interpretation of The Bride Wore Black, entitled La Mariee Etait en Noir, premiered in 1968, the year Woolrich died. Dozens of his short stories were adapted for popular network radio and television show episodes including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Suspense and Molle Mystery Theatre.

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Critical sobriety is out of the question so long as this master of terror-in-the-commonplace exerts his spell.

Review: Anthony Boucher, The New York Times Book Review

He was the greatest writer of suspense fiction that ever lived.

Quote: Francis M. Nevins, Cornell Woolrich biographer

Revered by mystery fans, students of film noir, and lovers of hardboiled crime fiction and detective novels, Cornell Woolrich remains almost unknown to the general reading public. His obscurity persists even though his Hollywood pedigree rivals or exceeds that of Cain, Chandler, and Hammett. What Woolrich lacked in literary prestige he made up for in suspense. Nobody was better at it.

Quote: Richard Dooling, from introduction to Rendevous in Black

Along with Raymond Chandler, Cornell Woolrich practically invented the genre of noir.

Review: Newsday

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