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What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now

by Imig, Ann

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is a collection of essays about mothers—being one, having one, losing one, and everything in between.

In the tradition of Bitch in the House, this anthology takes readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. Celebrating and validating what it means to be a mother today, these essays, which come from writers representing all social, economic, cultural, and gender backgrounds, give voices to all of us everywhere. With wit and humor, in prose as poetic and powerful as it is honest and frank, these contributors offer details of their lives that we can probably all relate to. Their stories are about everything from being a mother, to losing one, from lesbians and women of color, to women who are homeless, to mothers of autistic children, to funny stories about being annoyed when the school nurse calls and interrupts you while you’re having a glass of wine and playing solitaire. Whether you are one, have one, or know one, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is, at its core, a moving compilation of thought-provoking pieces that go straight to the heart of motherhood.

Ann Imig is the founder of the live-reading series Listen To Your Mother. She writes the blog Ann’s Rants, which Babble named one of their 2012 Top 100 Mom Bloggers. BlogHer honored Ann as a Voice of the Year from 2010-2012, and named her blog one of their Top 5 Funniest Mom Blogs in 2011.

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Q&A with Ann - here's a behind-the-scenes look at Ann's process.

Quote: Blog Her

Touching and humorous...stories from a diverse mix of mamas. We're all ears.

Review: Family Circle Magazine

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is one of Publishers Weekly Select 2015 Parenting Titles

Quote: Publishers Weekly

It's a book that will make you feel less alone in this thankless gig and leave you nodding your head in agreement. Best of all, it may inspire you to put your own words down on paper - because we all have a story to tell.

Review: Scary Mommy

WMTV News at 5– Interview

Quote: Youtube

Original essay by Ann: Score an Easy Parenting Win: Read to Your Kids

Quote: ReadBrightly

...these candid writings feel like a dinner date with a group of smart mothers who share their successes and failures with wit, fear, melancholy, playfulness, and all of the emotions that surround the reality of parenting.

Review: Library Journal

By the time I finished Listen To Your Mother, I actually felt a bit less alone.

Review: Bug Bug Books

Varied enough to ensure that readers who don't identify with one tale will easily find resonance in another. Some will leave readers laughing out loud, while others will leave them crying. All of this collection's stories, however, have one thing in common: readers will be left planning to call their mothers.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Feature: 'Listen to Your Mother' stories go from stage back to the page in new book

Quote: The Capital Times

Brimming with essays from quick-witted, unique writers-ranging from new voices to established ones like Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Weiner-this book covers all parenting territory. Part of it is funny and a lot of it is tear-jerking... You may find yourself staying up way past your bedtime because this one is so hard to put down.

Review: Parents

The essays...cover a lot of ground, but they also pack a strong emotional punch-and they're almost certain to leave any mother feeling less alone.

Review: Kirkus

Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, the essays in Listen to Your Mother are a beautiful expression of what motherhood means.

Review: Smacksy

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