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One Peace Books (March 2013)
Graphic novel & Manga artwork


A Time Traveler's Guide to Life, The Universe, and Everything

by Flitcroft, IanSpencer, Britt

Meet Albert 2.0!

Designed to put the “popular” back into popular science, Journey by Starlight is a graphic narrative which tells the story of a reincarnated Albert Einstein (or Albert 2.0, if you prefer the AI interpretation), as he travels through time on a beam of light and explains history's most important scientific discoveries -- everything from the origins of the universe to meaning of life, relativity, black holes, quantum mechanics, climate change, evolution, and how the brain works.

Paired with the fantastic and often whimsical artwork of Britt Spencer, Journey makes science accessible in the same way Sophie's World opened up philosophy, or The Number Devil explored math, but in a fresh graphic format that’s popular with both teens and adults.

Ian Flitcroft is a vision scientist and consultant eye surgeon in Dublin with a PhD in Neuroscience. He is also the founder of a successful international software company with offices in Dublin and New York, and the creator of Albert 2.0, an interactive AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform available for play on his Journey by Starlight blog, which you can visit at Ian lives in Dublin, Ireland. Britt Spencer is an award-winning illustrator with a BFA and MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Since his arrival into the commercial art world, Britt's work has been published internationally and been recognized by the distinguished New York Society of Illustrators and the Society of Illustrators West. He is also the illustrator for several children's books, including Penguin's Fleas!, Make Your Mark, Franklin Roosevelt, and Zarafa. Britt lives in Savannah, Georgia.

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Quote: Foundry

In an intricate and detailed comic, Albert Einstein is recruited to tell the story of the makings of the universe, in just a little over 200 pages. Einstein zooms through the cosmos, filling in his nameless travel companion on not only how the universe works, but also about the people behind the theories and ideas that helped move society past fear and superstition of the sciences. The comic is based on Flitcroft’s blog, “Journey by Starlight,” which breaks down major scientific concepts for the everyday reader and is filled with enthusiastic illustrations from Britt Spencer. Every panel is packed with information and minute detail, and filled with humor that keeps the pace feeling speedy, even when the concepts are complicated and drawn out. The use of Einstein feels forced at times, with Flitcroft packing his own earnestness into Einstein’s image, but Flitcroft’s mission to make science more accessible is sincere. Even if this story isn’t a light read, it has the potential to open up physics and the realm of Einstein to unsuspecting comics fans, which means Flitcroft’s journey is a success. (Mar.)

Review: Publishers Weekly

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