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by von Innerebner, Jessica

A unicorn's bad day turns into a laugh-out-loud look at the pressure to be perfect and the importance of expressing your feelings

Everyone knows that unicorns are perfect. They are glamorous and glittery, and their smiles make rainbows appear! But Kevin is having a less-than-perfect day. First, he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed ...on the floor. Then he discovers that his mane is so wild that even his Super-Perfect-Hair-Day-Spray can't tame it. And the day just gets worse from there. Kevin does his best to keep his outlook sunny, but it's hard to keep smiling when everything goes horribly wrong!

Selling points:
Uni the Unicorn meets Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day: This book delivers a vital message about the impossible standards we set for ourselves and why it's okay to not be okay with plenty of humor, heart and rainbow-bright unicorn fun.
A conversation-starter: The message at the heart of It's Not All Rainbows creates important inroads to conversations not just about bad days but about mental health and societal expectations, too. The social-emotional slant of this book will make it a hit with parents and educators.
Who doesn't love unicorns?: Unicorn books are perennially popular. Just look at the success of Uni The Unicorn, Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great, and You Don't Want a Unicorn. Our book combines the best of all these hits--the commercial appeal of Bob Shea, the wry humor of Ame Dyckman, and the heartfelt messaging of Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
Glitter galore!: We're planning an irresistible, eye-catching package that will draw in fans of Pinkalicious and Princesses Wear Pants.
Mega series potential: Kevin is a winning character, and Jessika von Innerebner has ideas for many more unicorn stories. We have two books signed up!

Jessika von Innerebner is a self-taught artist who landed her first illustration job at 17 and has been coloring her way through studios like Disney and Atomic Cartoons ever since. Jess is the illustrator of several picture books and chapter books, but It's Not All Rainbows is her author-illustrator debut. She and her illustrator husband live in Canada.

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