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Why Men and Women Cheat

by Rosenberg, Kenneth Paul

What the latest science tells us about the brain's reward systems, love, and sexand how to prevent an affair from destroying your life. INFIDELITY is poised to become a classic guide for men and women to help them understand and overcome their own self-inflicted barriers to love and commitment and discover their true sexual and romantic potential.

In both genders and across age groups, infidelity is on the rise. People often cheat in a haze of delusion, believing that it will bring them real love, help them have better sex, lift their spirits, and boost their sagging self-esteem; however, very often, cheating wrecks relationships and erodes self-esteem. In Infidelity: Why Men and Women Cheat, one of America's top doctors combines neuroscience, addiction theory and common sense to give us a clear path to survive, even thrive after the affair. Dr. Rosenberg explains what draws men and women to cheat and what they can do about it. He explains the three types of cheating: emotional, virtual, and physical; why they're so prevalent; and how to survive when either you or your partner are drawn to stray.

Infidelity takes an objective and evidence-based approach to why men and women today cheat, drawing from the latest research and from Rosenberg's own clinical practice to reveal the mechanics of the sexual brain. And through concrete rules, Rosenberg guides couples on how to prevent cheating, stop it from progressing, and repair the damage caused by an affair.

Infidelity provides key insights that show a couple how to find their true sexual and romantic potential and advocates honesty, trust, and integrity--the fundamentals of love.

Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg is the co-editor of BEHAVIORAL ADDICTIONS (Elsevier Academic Press, 2014), which is considered to be a landmark text in the field, and he is a consulting editor of one of the leading sex journals, the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. A board-certified addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Rosenberg is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a certified sex addiction therapist. For over a decade, he has been listed in US News and World Report and New York Magazine as a top psychiatrist. As a sex researcher, he has published scholarly articles on sexuality and contributed to clinical studies of the effectiveness and safety of Viagra. He has appeared on HBO, CNN, Fox, ABC World News Tonight, and CNBC and has been cited in The New York Times, People, Newsweek and the Huffington Post among other publications. He is also a Peabody Award winning filmmaker for HBO and PBS. Dr. Rosenberg maintains a private practice in Manhattan.

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Finally, a brilliant treatise by a leading MD psychiatrist on the Lucifer of relationships: infidelity. Rosenberg uses the newest data from neuroscience and sex and addiction research to tell us who, why, when and where people cheat, then gives us some clear-headed and sophisticated advice on how to survive, indeed even thrive, after the affair. It's an essential read.

Quote: Dr. Helen Fischer, The Kinsey Institute

INFIDELITY focuses on one of the most common problems in human relationships. Filled with common sense pragmatic steps for people caught in the tangled webs we weave with betrayal. Dr. Rosenberg combines the best of current science on the brain, human intimacy, and mental health issues.

Quote: Dr. Patrick Carnes, The Meadows

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