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Rewrite Your Life's Story with Intentional Imagining

by Kasprzak, Andrea

A guide to cultivating and channeling the power of imagination at home, at work, in love, friendships, health, and more. It's geared toward readers who want to make a positive, authentic life change - millennials who seek purpose at work, who use apps like Headspace religiously, and who are familiar with setting intentions but want to take the next step beyond mindfulness toward a life purpose.

The Secret for a new generation, Imagination Transforms Everything helps readers to harness the transformative power of their imaginations. Using a voice-driven personal narrative, scientific research, and practical exercises, debut author Andrea Kasprzak introduces the concept of "intentionally imagining," which entails taking time to disconnect and daydream, using journaling to track those daydreams, and turning them into intentions to fulfill goals.

The author draws on her own experiences, the law of attraction theory, and intention research to give practical steps for stopping limiting self-talk, unfulfilling narratives, and the endless digital cycle sucking up everyone's attention. Ultimately, "intentional imagining" promises to result in greater clarity for readers about who they are and what they want, so that they can act in ways that align with that clarity. Perfect for readers who want to approach life with purpose, Imagination Transforms Everything ties together the ideas of living with intention, fulfilling creative dreams, and breaking free from a traditional mold to help them make a positive, authentic life change.

Andrea Kasprzak has spent the past decade in Seattle, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Martha's Vineyard, San Francisco, Oahu, and Austin. Her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Allure, Conde Nast Brides, Vegetarian Times, Teen Vogue, the Chicago Tribune, and many more. Digitally, she's contributed to Refinery29, HelloGiggles, Thrillist, Elle, Nylon, Viva Luxury Lifestyle and Travel, Dose, and Rodale's Organic Life, among others. Formerly, Andrea was the San Francisco editor of DailyCandy and the Make Editor at Brit + Co, where she focused on books, the science of creativity, and wellness.

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