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by Davies, BenjiJohn, Jory

From the creators of Goodnight Already!, Jory John and Benji Davies, comes another standout hilarious picture book about Bear and Duck. Bear can't wait to spend a pleasant day by himself. His persistent next-door neighbor, Duck, wants to take a morning stroll . . . with Bear. He just wants Bear to like him already...

Jory John occasionally wants to stay inside with his books, music, couch, and snacks, so he knows exactly how the bear feels. Then again, sometimes he's restless and wants some company, so he knows exactly how the duck feels. He's coauthor of the Terrible Two series and All My Friends Are Dead, among other books. He lives (and writes) in the Bay Area.

Benji Davies is an animation director and illustrator of children's books. From a young age Benji was often found painting at the kitchen table, a scene that is still seen to this day. He has always loved drawing, and seeing his work in print and on the screen is a childhood ambition fulfilled. Benji studied animation in college and has since worked on a diverse array of projects, from picture books and animated short films to music videos, commercials, and title sequences. He lives in London with his wife, Nina.

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Another stand-out hilarious picture book [by] Jory John and Benji Davies, and the perfect way to say I love you all year round.

Review: Children's Book Council

John's humor shines; Davies makes the pair's quirks ridiculously endearing.

Review: The New York Times

Fast-paced interplay between the relentless Duck and curmudgeon-like Bear translates to a lively and humorous story complemented by richly drawn illustrations that precisely represent each character's personality. Kids will want to read this again and again, and will look forward to the pair's next adventure.

Review: The Washington Post

The humorously mismatched duo from Goodnight, Already! (HarperCollins, 2014) are back with more banter. Looking forward to a peaceful day of lounging at home, Bear hunkers down in his easy chair with stacks of books and a cup of tea by his side. Duck, his impetuous neighbor, has other ideas. Despite Bear's many excuses, Duck insists on a morning stroll, exhorting, "You don't look busy!…. No arguments. Chop-chop!" On their walk, the hyper Duck volleys a steady stream of questions at taciturn Bear, whose one-word replies make Duck fret that he doesn't like him. Bear's repeated reassurances of "I LIKE YOU ALREADY!" fall on deaf ears, until Duck falls out of a tree and his pal shows concern. Each character has a distinct voice that is enhanced by the use of different typefaces. Davies's cartoon illustrations also playfully capture this introvert and extrovert dichotomy, with frenetic Duck's feathers in a perpetual flap and lumbering Bear seeking quiet respite beside a tree. VERDICT The comedic timing in this exploration of personality types and friendship is spot-on, and the wry patter is great fun to read aloud.—Linda Ludke, London Public Library, Ontario, Canada

Review: School Library Journal

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