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Thriller / suspense fiction


by de Giovanni, Maurizio

A mesmerizing thriller, a breathtaking vortex of a story that throws the reader in a subterranean and parallel world so rich, multilayered and so close to ours that it seems real. With the quick pace of a Glenn Cooper thriller and the right mix of realism, suspense and sci-fi elements of tv series like Lost or Fringe, this is a riveting and addictive archaeological thriller adventure, filled with murders, unsettling events and disturbing presences.

Marco Di Giacomo is a brilliant and passionate anthropologist at the University of Naples. But, due to his single-minded research on ancient cults and religions, he is considered, along with his clumsy but indispensable assistant Brazo Moscati, a little wacky and the joke of both colleagues and students.

When the head of the department sends them off to chaperon Ingrid, a German journalist who is writing a sensational piece on the occult places of Neapolitan exotericism, Marco asks for the help of his nephew Lisi, a young researcher with a dangerous fascination towards conspiracy theories.

What seemed a simple guided tour quickly becomes a dangerous adventure, with the four getting entangled in a chain of crimes and strange events, occurring in the various layers of a city like no other, a city where, since the beginning of times, ancient cults followed one another in the same sacred places, where energy from the whole earth converge and where ministers, guardians and other unsettling figures (maybe not even human) are still active, battling over the fate of the entire humankind…

Only Maurizio de Giovanni could write a novel of this kind. An ability arising not only from his profound knowledge of Naples and its people but also from his skill in going beyond categories, including literary ones, to pursue a truth we may always have had before our eyes but which we didn’t want to see. And this is just the beginning.

Maurizio de Giovanni was born in Naples in 1958. His books are bestsellers across Europe, with over 1 million copies sold in Italy alone. He is best known for his prize-winning series featuring Commissario Ricciardi, a loner with the paranormal ability to see and hear the murdered dead, set in 1930s Naples, under Italy’s fascist regime. He is also the author of a contemporary, bestselling crime series called I bastardi di Pizzofalcone about a crew of mismatched cops, working to rebuild the shattered precinct of Pizzofalcone in Naples.

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"Maurizio de Giovanni has shown outstanding talent in changing his skin in this new and visionary literary endeavor that is impossible to pigeonhole in a specific genre: noir and science fiction blend one into the other while history and dystopia pursue each other, not to mention archaeology and crypto-archaeology, developing along the same plane. I Guardiani has the pace of a Glenn Cooper thriller but also the ability to narrate a different reality not unlike the essays of Peter Kolosimo…"

Quote: Luca Crovi

"I Guardiani contains technology and the past, both well-hidden. There are fake news: the possibility for everyone to find their own truths and share them with everyone else on the Net. There are tourists who flock to monuments. There are the fanatics who obtusely uphold their ideas. There are hackers, scientists, priests and strange people. The book is, in other words, about the magmatic flow of the contemporary age. An age de Giovanni attempts to describe with his brilliant writing

Quote: Corriere della Sera

TV rights for I Guardiani are already sold to Cattleya Film and TV Production (one of the producer of Gomorrah), for a tv series to be developed in 2018 and probably aired Fall 2018/Spring 2019.

Quote: Italian Literary

“This new novel is a marvelous foray into the ancient and mysterious heart of Naples.”

Review: La Repubblica

"What de Giovanni attempts with his Guardians – the first installment of a series that is TV-bound – is more than just a descent into the city’s slums, into its superstitions and popular beliefs, it is a journey that goes beyond conventions, treading a dimension that borders on science fiction, on myth, on legend, in a bid to trace the ancestral origins of Evil."

Review: La Stampa

Torna Maurizio de Giovanni, torna Napoli. Ma sono un altro de Giovanni (a tratti quasi irriconoscibile) e un’altra Napoli, diversa rispetto a quelle conosciute attraverso i suoi libri. Stavolta più misteriosa e oscura, esoterica e sotterranea....

Review: Corriere della Sera

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