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Ritorno al paese delle tovaglie a quadretti

by Melilli, Tommaso

A literary biography about a journey amongst flavours and culture into the heart of Italian identity. A book as sharp and witty as Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential.

Chef and writer Tommaso Melilli takes us on a tour through some of Italy's most interesting Osterie. As he enters their kitchens and spends a few weeks working with the other chefs, he learns about the ingredients, the history of local cuisines and the secrets of individual dishes.

Earlier, Tommaso Melilli had moved to Paris to study literature, then found himself working as a chef in a restaurant. It was a peaceful job until the Bataclan attack hit close to home. Tommaso decided to go back to his roots. He returned to Italy into the world of its Osterie. These are the forgotten places of memories and stories. They have falling into oblivion in favour of starred chefs and cooking shows. But, the chefs Melilli meets are true characters and their personal stories make this the richest autobiography of a nation in a long time.

Tommaso Melilli was born in Cremona in 1990. At 18 he moved to Paris to study Literature and Contemporary Philosophy. Three years later, he started working in a small bistro and other restaurants in north-eastern Paris. A few months later he dropped out of university and started writing. He keeps a French-language recipe column in Slate. In 2018 he published the French-language Spaghetti Wars, a personal essay based on belonging and identity conflicts related to what we eat.

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