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by Matthews, Owen

Former loser Adam Higgs vows to rise to the top of the school food chain—and finally ditch his “Pizza Man” moniker—by using Scarface as a how-to guide to life.

Adam Higgs is a loser, and he is not okay with it. But starting as a junior in a new high school seems like exactly the right time to change things. He brainstorms with his best friend Brian: what will it take for him to take over Nixon High? Or, he amends, not take it over, but win at it?

Step One: Rent Scarface on DVD. (For inspiration.)
Step Two: Identify the Nixon High junior class gods and goddesses.
Step Three: Become the guy who has what they want and can get what they need.

Adam searches for the A-listers’ weak spot and strikes gold when he gets main goddess Sara Bryant to pay him for doing her biology homework. Soon Adam builds up a very loyal, very demanding all-star clientele for his services. One part nerd, two parts badass, the Pizza Man (he delivers!) ditches his legit job and turns to full-time cheating.

Homework becomes booze becomes fake IDs, and Adam seems to have the hookup for everything. His popularity soars as he unlocks high school achievements left and right, from his first kiss to his first rebound hook-up.

But for Adam, the dozens of girls and limitless influence are not enough. Something else is haunting him, driving him to keep climbing. What could it be? Matthews teases this mystery out till the book’s satisfying end.

Owen Matthews was raised on rap music and violent video games. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing program and has worked on fishing boats and in casinos all over the world, and currently writes critically- acclaimed crime thrillers under a secret identity. A fan of fast cars and sugary breakfast cereals, Matthews lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Slick, breezy... fast-moving and suspenseful.

Review: Kirkus

The funny, unforgiving narration will have readers glued to this story.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Matthews’s debut YA novel has a fast plot with gritty content and dialogue that will appeal to teens.

Review: School Library Journal

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