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The Führer's Vendetta against the Austrian Royals

by Longo, James

A stunning work of narrative history revealing how and why Adolf Hitler targeted the children of the assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, making the Archduke's sons the first two Austrians deported to the Dachau concentration camp, and how the family fought back.

During five youthful years in Vienna, Adolf Hitler's obsession with the Habsburg Imperial family turned into a vendetta against a vanished empire, a dead archduke, and his royal orphans. The underlying reasons drove Hitler's rise to power and led to the Second World War and the Holocaust. The royal orphans of Archduke Franz Ferdinand personified all that was wrong about the twentieth century and the Habsburg's multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were on a collision course with the future Nazi leader.

As he rose to power Hitler's hatred fixated on Franz Ferdinand's sons, who became outspoken critics of racist Nazi ideology. When Germany seized Austria in 1938, Ferdinand's sons were the first Austrians arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Dachau. The women in the family, including the Archduke's daughter Princess Sophie Hohenberg, then declared their own war on Hitler.

Through a decade of research and interviews with Habsburg descendants, scholar James Longo explores the roots of Hitler's determination to destroy the family of the dead Archduke. And he uncovers the family members' courageous fight against the Führer.

James Longo is Professor of Education and Education Department Chair at Washington & Jefferson College. He is a former Fulbright Scholar, Distinguished Chair of the Gender and Women's Study Program at Alpen-Adrian University in Austria, and has lectured throughout Europe and America. His 2008 book, Isabel Orleans-Braganza: The Brazilian Princess Who Freed the Slaves was nominated for the Yale University Gilda Lehman Frederick Douglass Book Prize for the "most outstanding non-fiction book in English on the subject of slavery and abolition." He lives in Washington, Pennsylvania.

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