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Tegan and Sara

by Quin, SaraQuin, Tegan

From the iconic musicians Tegan and Sara comes a memoir about high school, detailing their first loves and first songs in a compelling look back at their humble beginnings.

High School is the revelatory and unique coming-of-age story of Sara and Tegan Quin, identical twins from Calgary, Alberta, who grew up at the height of grunge and rave culture in the nineties, well before they became the celebrated musicians and global LGBTQ icons we know today. While grappling with their identity and sexuality, often alone, they also faced academic meltdown, their parents' divorce, and the looming pressure of what might come after high school. Written in alternating chapters from both Tegan's and Sara's points of view, the book is a raw account of the drugs, alcohol, love, music, and friendship they explored in their formative years.

A transcendent story of first loves and first songs, High School captures the tangle of discordant and parallel memories of two sisters who grew up in distinct ways even as they lived just down the hall from each another. This is the origin story of Tegan and Sara.

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Nine Albums Later, Tegan and Sara Are Finally Ready to Discuss High School

Review: The New York Times

Tegan and Sara have pulled back the curtain on a formative chapter in their lives and offer a gloriously dizzying, richly observed account of how they became who they are today and what inspired the music we've come to know and love. Funny, frank, and so very cool, High School is basically the teenage best friend I always wanted growing up.

Quote: Dan Levy, actor

The biggest twins in pop are returning to where it all began with High School, a book chronicling the acid, raves, girlfriends and guitars that shaped their teenage years

Review: The Guardian

Tegan and Sara hit the NYT list at #15 and are #3 in Canada first week of October 2019.

Quote: Bestseller

For thoes who don't know Teegan and Sara they are a Canadian Indie pop duo. They are also twin sisters. In High School, their first memoir they recount their own high school experience. Sharing stories that highlight their individual struggles with teen angst, family, twin life, identity, self esteem, drinking, depression, drugs, first loves, longing, the confusion and acceptance of their sexuality (both are gay), bullying, music and more. Really enjoyed this one! I loved the alternating chapters between each sister. Both with a distinct voice. It was interesting to hear how each of them recalled certain circumstances and what they were each thinking when certain events were transpiring. The writing is good. It really transported me back to my teens and the recklessness of youth. Fans of theirs will obviously enjoy this one but its just an overall captivating read. Whether you enjoy memoirs, queer lit, and or celebrity autobiographies. Readers will recognize themselves in these pages.

Quote: Goodreads

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